Kidnapped :

David Balfour’s father died when he was twenty one years old. He left a letter to David, asking him to go to the House of Shaw and meet a certain Mr. Ebenezer. David left, having packed all his belongings for the House of Shaw.

He wondered, “What does my father have with the House of Shaw?”

When he reached the House of Shaw, it looked deserted. He went up to the door and knocked. From inside a gruff voice said, “Go away. I don’t want to see anyone now.”

David had come all the way and was not going to turn back.

He said, “I am David Balfour. My father has asked me to come here and meet Mr. Ebenezer.”

There was a startled cry and a moment later the door was opened by a thin and scrawny old man.

The old man said, “You are David Balfour?”

When David nodded, the old man continued, “I am Ebenezer, your father’s brother. He was a quiet man. Did he ever speak about me to you?”

David shook his head. David had no idea he had an uncle. He was thrilled. Mr. Ebenezer looked untidy but seemed to be a nice man. David stayed in the House of Shaw. He began to like the place.

One day, David met a friendly old man who came up to David and asked him, “Are you related to Alexander Balfour? You look very much like him.”

David said, “Yes. That was my father. He is dead now. I am staying with my uncle in the House of Shaw.”

The friendly man said, “Your uncle is Ebenezer? Be careful of him. He tried to kill your father. You are the sole inheritor of all properties owned by the Balfour. Be careful.”

David did not know whether to trust the friendly old man or not. He thought he would ask his uncle. That evening at dinner, David asked, “Uncle, is it true that I inherit all this property.”

“Never,” screamed Uncle Ebenezer. His uncle’s reaction confirmed what the old man had said. David was careful of his uncle from that day on.

A few weeks later, a ship had come into town. Both David and Mr. Ebenezer went to see what they could buy. David saw that the ship’s captain and his uncle were extremely friendly, like they had known each other for years. The ship’s captain, Hoseason invited David to come on board and see what it was like.

David went on board to find that as soon as he got into the ship it set sail. He screamed for help. His Uncle Ebenezer had apparently paid Hoseason to kidnap David so that he could keep the property.

David was helpless. Fortunately for him Hoseason’s ship crashed into another ship. He was rescued by the ship’s captain, Alan Beck.

Alan and David became great friends. David told Alan of his uncle and how he had David kidnapped. Alan promised to help David to get back his property that was rightly his.

When they came back to the House of Shaw, Alan and David wanted Mr. Ebenezer to admit that he had David kidnapped. They came up with a plan. Alan went to meet Mr. Ebenezer. He said, “I am the partner of Hoseason whom you bribed to kidnap your nephew David. I want my share of the money.”

“I have given a hundred pounds to Hoseason and not a penny more to you,” screamed Ebenezer.

Ebenezer was arrested for kidnap and attempt to murder. David became the owner of the House of Shaw and lived contentedly all his life.


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