Kinds of Adjectives

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Kinds of Adjectives :

1. Descriptive adjectives

These show the kind or quality of a person or thing.

1. clever girl
2. big house
3. kind man
4. red apples
5. beautiful girl
6. long street
7. tall boy

2. Possessive adjectives

These are my, our, your, his, her, its, their,

1. my pen
2. his book
3. our country
4. her dog
5. your name
6. their house
7. its wall

3. Demonstrative adjectives

Like demonstrative pronouns, Demonstrative adjectives point out.

1. this book
2. these pens
3. that man
4. those trees

4. Interrogative adjectives

These are which, what and whose.

1. Which umbrella is yours?
2. Whose pencil is this?

5. Adjectives of quantity

These include all the numerals (one, two, second, sixth, etc.) all, both, some, many, much, few, each, every, neither, enough, etc.

1. four chairs
2. both houses
3. ail men
4. many flowers
5. every boy
6. enough money

Kinds of Adjectives

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