Kinds of Adjectives

Kinds of Adjectives :

As far as adjectives are concerned, There are altogether eight different kinds in English.

1. Proper Adjectives are describing a thing by referring it to some Proper Noun.

The students…..The American students….
The jeep……The Police Jeep….

The word, in the above sentence, AMERICAN means only the students belonging to that country America.

The word, in the above sentence, POLICE means the jeep which is used by the Police.

So, the words AMERICAN and POLICE are called proper adjectives.
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2. Descriptive Adjectives are showing of what quality or in what state a thing is.

A brave boy….in this phrase, the word BRAVE describes about the nature of the boy. So, the word BARVE is a descriptive adjective.
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3. Quantitative Adjectives are showing how much of a thing is meant.

He bought two books.
The adjective FEW is about the quantity of the book he bought. So, the word FEW is a quantitative adjective.
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4. Numeral Adjectives are showing how many things or in what order.

He is second in the queue.
The adjective SECOND is talking about the numerical position of his standing. So, SECOND is a numeral adjective.
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5. Demonstrative Adjectives are showing which or what thing is meant.

That dog belongs to my sister.
The adjective THAT demonstrates the ownership of the dog. So, THAT is a demonstrative adjective.
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6. Distributive Adjectives are showing that things are taken separately or in separate lots.

Each student has to come in person to collect his / her pass-book.
As the name implies, the adjective EACH is about the distribution-process. So, the word EACH is a distributive adjective.
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7. Interrogative Adjectives are asking which or what thing is meant.

What book do you want to buy?
Here the word WHAT is used to interrogate. So, that is called interrogative adjective.
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8. Possessive Adjectives are how whose things they are.

My pen is broken.
The word MY indicates the possession of the pen. So, that is called possessive adjective.
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Example Sentences with these adjectives are given below for your reference.

The Indian soil is rich with many minerals and ores.
The weak students need not come to the playground.
They have to bring eighteen bowls to the school.
It is standing last but one in the queue.
Those books belong to my teachers.
You have to help one another.
What car do you prefer now?
His parents are not in town.

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