Kinds of Adverbs

Kinds of Adverbs :

You have already learnt about the different kinds of adverbs in other pages.

These are…

Adverbs of Manner :

This shows how or in what manner an action is done.
It answers the question HOW.

For example :

1. Ganesh reads clearly.
2. The children slept soundly.
3. Ravi waited patiently at the station.

Adverbs of Time :

This tells us when an action takes place.
It answers the question WHEN.

For example :

1. I will go to the shopping mall tomorrow.
2. Today, Sheila will go to the library.
3. Father likes to read his newspaper first.

Adverbs of Place :

This tells us where an action or something has taken place.
It answers the question WHERE.

For example :

1. I have misplaced my keys somewhere.
2. Please take off your shoes outside.
3. My aunt lives in London.

Adverbs of Frequency :

This tells us how often or how many times an action takes place.
It answers the question HOW OFTEN.

For example :

1. They are always on time.
2. Java hardly gets to meet her neighbours.
3. Jayesh can never stay quiet.

Adverbs of Purpose :

This shows why an action or something is done or happens.
It answers the question WHY.

For example :

1. She drives her boat slowly to avoid hitting the rocks.
2. She shops in several stores to get the best buys.

Adverbs of Degree :

We ask the question HOW MUCH or TO WHAT EXTENT to get the adverb of degree. These are also known as emphasisers (adverbs that lay greater emphasis), amplifiers (adverbs that give an idea of intensity) or downtoners (adverbs that tone down the intensity of the verb).

For example :

1. She knits very quickly.
2. I absolutely refuse to attend any more meetings.
3. I have almost completed my homework.

Interrogative Adverbs :

These adverbs ask questions.

For example :

1. When did the match start?
2. Where will we be going for the vacations?

Kinds of Adverbs

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