Kinds of Nouns

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Kinds of Nouns :

Nouns are usually classified as follows.

Common Nouns and Proper Nouns

Common nouns are words like girl, brother, city, language, month, etc. which refer to people, places or things but are not the names of particular people, places or things.

Proper nouns are words like Radha, Joseph, Mumbai, Hindi, April, etc. which arc the names of particular people, places or things.

Proper nouns begin with a capital letter.

Abstract Nouns

Abstract nouns are the names of qualities, feelings or ideas such as goodness, courage, alienee, anger, joy, freedom. They are things that we cannot touch or see.

Collective Nouns

A collective noun names a group (or collection) of people or things regarded as a whole.

Here are a few examples.

1. crowd ( a group of people)
2. army (a group of soldiers)
3. flock (a group of sheep / birds)
4. fleet ( a group of ships)
5. galaxy (a group of stars)

Countable and Uncountable Nouns

A more useful classification of nouns is whether they are countable or uncountable.

Nouns like book, laptop, chair, flower, school are countable- We can count them. For example, we say “one book”, “two chairs”, “many flowers”, etc.

Nouns like milk, sugar, petrol, gold, honesty are uncountable. We cannot count them.

We do not say “one milk”, “three sugars”, “five golds”, etc.

Uncountable nouns cannot be used with a, an or numbers like one, two, three, etc. They do not have plural forms.

Kinds of Nouns

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