Kinds of Phrases

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Kinds of Phrases :

There are three kinds of phrases.

1. Noun Phrases
2. Adjective Phrases
3. Adverb Phrases

A phrase which behaves like a noun is called a noun phrase. The words in italics in the following sentences are noun phrases.

1. This umbrella is mine.
2. It is an interesting story.
3. I want to go home.
4. Collecting stamps is his hobby.

An adjective phrase behaves like an adjective.
The words in italics in the following sentences are adjective phrases.

1. This bike is very useful.
2. You are quite right.

An adverb phrase behaves like an adverb.
The italicized words in the following sentences are adverb phrases.

1. He drives very carefully.
2. I do yoga every morning.
3. We waited for two hours.
4. Being tired, I went to bed early.

Phrases beginning with a preposition are sometimes called prepositional phrase.

Examples are…

1. at the airport
2. for a long time
3. around the country
4. without any doubt
5. during the holidays
6. at 6 o’ clock
7. since 2009
8. in five days

Additional Note

In some modem grammar books, a group of words which contains a non-finite verb is called a non-finite clause. According to them, the following are non-finite clauses.

1. to buy fruit
2. seeing the dog
3. delighted by the news

Kinds of Phrases

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