Kinds of Sentences

Kinds of Sentences :

There are four kinds of sentences.

Assertive or declarative sentence (a statement) : An assertive sentence is a sentence that states a fact. Such sentences are simple statements. They state, assert or declare something.

Imperative sentence (a command) : Imperadve sentence is a sentence which gives a command, makes a request or expresses a wish.

Interrogative sentence (a question) : Interrogative sentence is a sentence that asks a question.

Exclamatory sentence (an exclamation) : Exclamatory sentence is a sentence that expresses sudden and strong feelings, such as surprise, wonder, pity, sympathy, happiness or gratitude.

Put the appropriate punctuation mark at the end of each sentence. Also write what kind of sentence it is next to each sentence.

1. Father has a very bad cold.
2. Our house is on fire.
3. Write your name on your notebook.
4. Where did I leave my scissors?
5. We heard several crickets during the night.
6. Place the dish in the oven.
7. How loudly he is screaming.
8. Is it bad luck to walk under a ladder?
9. Mountain climbers need strength and skill.
10. Meet me at the school ground after lunch.

Write one of each kind of sentence listed below.

Assertive :

Interrogative :

Exclamatory :

Imperative :


  1. The Declarative Sentences
  2. The Interrogative Sentences
  3. The Imperative Sentences
  4. The Exclamatory Sentences

Kinds of Sentences

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