Kinds of Sentences

Kinds of Sentences :

Change from affirmative to negative or vice versa.

a. Only the brightest deserve to get admission.
b. Your choice of a hotel is not bad.
c. This problem is very difficult to solve.
d. This workman is not as skilled as that one.
e. As soon as I landed at the airport, I found the car waiting for me.
f. No man will hesitate to sacrifice for his loved ones.
g. He was the wealthiest man in the country.
h. I am not comfortable in his company.
i. He tried even- trick in the trade.
j. Your decisions are not always right.

Interchange from interrogative to assertive and vice versa.

1. Why should he not accept the job?
2. It is certain that Ram will beat everyone else in the race.
3. Can anyone be trusted with such a secret?
4. Every gain needs some pain.
5. Smoking is injurious to health.
6. Do our brave jawans not deserve our respect?
7. Are you not ashamed of this deed?
8. We are not going to accept defeat so easily.
9. When will that foolish man realise his folly?
10. A man of low character is not accepted by society.


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  34. Modes of Expressing A Contrasting Clause
  35. Interchange of Degrees of Comparison
  36. Synthesis of Sentences - 1
  37. Synthesis of Sentences - 2
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  39. The Principal Clause
  40. The Dependent Clause
  41. Verb in The Dependent Clause
  42. Direct Speech and Indirect Speech
  43. Kinds of Sentences
  44. Direct and Indirect Speech
  45. A Sentence without E
  46. Parsed Sentence

Kinds of Sentences

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