King Yunan and The Sage

King Yunan and The Sage :

King Yunan was in his early 40s. He was an able ruler. But, he was affected by leprosy! Because of this, he never went out nor did he invite anybody!

A lot of physicians had attended him. He had spent so much of money. But none could cure him. He chose to stay aloof. Then he had no other alternatives except praying.

One day, a sage came to know about it. His name was Budin. He was an expert physician specialized in herbal treatment. While he was meditating in the forest, he identified different herbs and developed some medicines and ointment. He had five bowls full of medicines that could cure anything right from indigestion to any prolonging illness!

Sage Budin visited the king’s court. Moments later, he was permitted. King Yunan welcomed him without much hope, because in the past many such people who claimed expert physicians had failed in their attempt.

But from the beginning, sage Budin handled differently! First he spoke encouragingly to the king. “Everything is curable by herbal treatment. It is nothing, but identifying the right one I have medicines. In a week’s time, I hope to cure you!”

It was pleasing to king Yunan. He found that sage Budin’s approach was not only different, but also he seemed to have great potentials.

“O’ sage,” he addressed, “If you cured me, I will reward you 5,000 gold coins!”

“Oh, what am I going to do with so much of wealth? I will donate it to charity or orphanage!” he smiled “Anyways, let me start the treatment from tomorrow!” he said and left.

The king made all arrangements for his stay.

The next early morning, sage Budin got up and took a holy dip in the river. He prayed with the wet clothes on him and then went to the king. Meanwhile, the king was ready.

The sage asked a servant to wipe the king s face and body with a wet towel. Then the sage took a bowl from his bag, poured some watery solution in his palm and applied it all over the king’s body. “Let the juicy herbs seep inside through the hair root. Then take a bath,” he advised.

The next six days were followed in the similar pattern. The sage continued to treat the king.

Eventually, it worked. The bent fingers in his hands were slowly straightened. King Yunan then could feel his fingers which had gone numb all those days!

Four more days rolled over. King Yunan was completely cured! There was hardly any trace of the disease on him! He decided to reward sage Budin the next day in the court. And he was planning to retain sage Budin as his royal physician.

But there was a jealous Wazir in the court! He was the personal advisor to Yunan. The Wazir’s cousin was the royal physician. When the Wazir came to know that Yunan was going to appoint the sage in that position, he grew jealousy. That could mean a jobless situation to his cousin!

So, he put poison in the king’s mind, “Watch out, O’ king…This sage is a spy. He had treated you to gain your soft corner!”

On hearing it, Yunan became wild with rage! He decided to behead the sage!

It rattled sage Budin, ‘is it fair on your part, O'king? It was I who gave you new lease of life. Now you want to kill me for no fault of mine. Anyways, here is my last wish,” the sage went on, taking out a small book from his bag, “I request you and your Wazir to read a few pages in this book!”

King Yunan took the book. The first page was blank. He tried to flick the next page, but it seemed to have stuck. So, putting his finger in the tongue, he turned the second page. That was blank too. Again putting his finger, he tried the third page. On seeing it blank again, he gave it to Wazir.

The Wazir too did the same to turn the page. First king Yunan fell down and died. And next was the Wazir. Both had fallen dead.

How they died was an interesting thing! The sage had smeared those first three blank pages with poison. When the king and the Wazir put their fingers in the mouth, the poison began to work killing them in no time!

King Yunan and The Sage

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King Yunan and The Sage - King Yunan and The Sage
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