Latin Comparatives

Latin Comparatives :

1. Anterior
2. Exterior
3. Inferior
4. Interior
5. Junior
6. Major
7. Minor
8. Posterior
9. Prior
10. Senior
11. Superior
12. Ulterior

These words (twelve in number) borrowed from Latin have no positive or superlative degree.

Interior : (adjective) : inside, indoors or [no comparison] - furthest from the edge or outside - an interior room

Interior (opposite) Exterior

1. Interior decorations are undertaken here.
2. There is an interior room in the house.

Interior : (noun) - (usually singular) the part which is inside – indoors or farthest from the edge or outside

The outside of the house needs to be decorated. But the interior is in excellent condition.

Interior (opposite) Exterior

Exterior : (adjective) : outer - (no comparison) - on or from outside especially of a Building

1. His exterior appearance is somewhat rough.
2. The male reproductive organs are exterior (outside) to the body.

Exterior : (noun) - the outside - the outer appearance or surface

1. We are decorating the exterior of the house.
2. She maintained a calm exterior, though really she was furious.

Ulterior : (adjective) : intentionally hidden or kept secret - especially because bad

1. I suspect he may have had ulterior motives for being generous.
2. I have no ulterior motive in helping you.

Major : (adjective) : greater in number or quality (quantity or extent)

Major : (noun) : A person who has reached the age of 21

1. The Prime Minister is facing major problems in the sphere of national defence.
2. The major part of his life is a total failure.

Major (opposite) Minor

Minor : (adjective) : Lesser or smaller in degree, size, number or importance when compared with others

1. The young actress was given only a minor part in the play.
2. The operation is fairly minor.

Minor : (noun) : A person below the age of 21

1. He is a minor. He cannot accept any profession now.

Inferior : (adjective) : Not good or less good in quality or value

1. His work is inferior to mine.
2. Some shopkeepers sell goods of inferior quality.

Inferior : (noun) : (often derogatory) - a person of lower rank especially in a job - Subordinate
Inferior (opposite) Superior

Superior : (adjective) : (to) of higher rank or class

1. I will report this matter to the superior officer.
2. Of these two books, I think this one is superior to that.
3. This is a very superior make of motorcycle.

Superior (opposite) Inferior

Superior : (noun) : (often plural) - a person of higher rank especially in a job

1. He always does what his superiors tell him.

Prior : (adjective) : coming or placed before

1. I was not able to attend the function because of prior engagement.

Prior : (noun) : The head of priory
Priory = Christian religious house - Totally different meaning

Anterior : (adjective) : (no comparison) - Earlier (than) before - nearer the front (in Biology)

Anterior (opposite) Posterior

Posterior : (adjective) : (no comparison) - later (than) – after - nearer the back (in Biology)

Posterior : (noun) : (humour) the part of the body a person sits on

Senior : (noun) : (adjective) - (someone who is) older, high in rank or status compared with others

1. He is my senior by two years.
2. Senior students enjoy certain privileges.

Latin Comparatives

Senior : (adjective) : Written abbreviation - Sr. or Snr. – (adjective) after noun (Especially of two men in the same family who have exactly the same name)

1. Smith Sr. (may be) Father
2. Smith Jr. (may be) Son
3. (Jr. Junior) (may be two brothers also)

Junior : (adjective) : (to) Someone who is younger

1. He is my junior by several years.
2. Some one of lower rank
3. He is my junior partner in the law firm.

Junior : (noun) : (Written abbreviation Jr.) (Jnr. - Jr.) - The younger especially of two men in the same family who have exactly the same name.

1. Martin Junior resembles his father very much.
2. Martin Junior really takes after his father.
3. He has the same eyes, nose and hair.

Study the following sentences with Latin Comparatives.

1. A's intelligence is superior to that of B’.
2. B's intelligence is inferior to that of A'.
3. Indira Gandhi's reign was prior to that of Rajiv Gandhi.
4. I am junior to all my colleagues.
5. All my colleagues are senior to me.

Latin Comparatives

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