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I walked about the streets.
about - preposition
about - here and there

He and I always go about together.
about – adverb

I have always put quality before quantity.
before - earlier than
before – preposition

I have seen you before.
before – adverb
before - at an earlier time
before - already
before - formerly

I always keep the money in a book.
in – preposition
in - contained by something with and height
in - within - enclosed space
in – inside

Open the door and allow me in.
in – adverb
in - contained or surrounded
in - away from the open air
in – not out side

Get off my foot.
I jumped off the bus.
off : preposition
off : not on
off : away from

They got into the van and drove off.
We turned off into a side road.
We turned aside into a side road.
off – adverb
off : away from
off : no longer in place or position

I haven't seen him since last Monday.
It is a long time since breakfast.
since - preposition
since : from a point in past time

Her husband died ten years ago but she has since remarried.
since - adverb
since - at a time between now and then

The 1989 general election was unlike any other election before or since.
since – adverb

Several words are used sometimes as adverbs and sometimes as prepositions. A word is a preposition when it governs a noun or a pronoun. It is an adverb when it does not govern a noun. Note that the following words can also be used both as an adverb and a preposition.

1. after
2. along
3. behind
4. beyond
5. by
6. down
7. round
8. under
9. up

Example Sentences :

1. Nothing lasts for ever. (All time)
2. How far is the village from here? (This place)
3. The Prime Minister must have reached there by now. (This time)
4. Dear girl, come away from there. (That place)
5. Since then, he has not come here. (That time)
6. It will be finished by then. (That time)
7. The work will be finished by the. (That time)
8. Everything lasts for short-time only. (All time)

These words are used as adverbs as well as prepositions. The above example sentences will give you an idea how these words are used in both ways.

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