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It may be noted that it is the subject that matters in fixing the number of the concerned verb.

1. I, who am your leader, will guide you to success.

2. You, who are my partner, should not think of giving trouble in our business.

3. He, who is my friend, will never desert me.

4. She is one of the greatest writers that have ever lived.

5. One of the ministers, who has been away, has returned.

Note : When the subject of the verb is a relative pronoun, the verb should agree in number and person with the antecedent of the relative pronoun.

Subject / Antecedent……Relative Pronoun….Verb



He…… who……is

Writers (antecedent) ……that……have

One……who……has been

I will guide you to success - Main clause
Who am your leader - Sub clause

You should not think of giving trouble in our business - Main clause
Who are my partner - Sub clause

He will never desert me - Main clause
Who is my friend - Sub clause

She is one of the greatest writers - Main clause
that have ever lived - Sub clause

One of the ministers has returned - Main clause
who has been away - Sub clause

Study the following.

(1) Not the manager but the workers have agreed for the settlement of the dispute.

(2) Work may be hard or easy, monotonous or fulfilling pleasant or unpleasant, but it is something, each of us needs.

(3) Most people take their holidays in the summer.

(4) Everyone complains about his job, but most people to work.

(5) The horse and carriage is at the door.

(6) Bread and butter has been my food all these days.

(7) The public is requested not to walk on the grass.

(8) Death or disgrace awaits him.

(9) The gang leader with his men has escaped.

(10) Fifty kilometers is a long distance.

(11) Each of the ministers in the cabinet is corrupt to the core.

(12) The great poet and novelist deserves the Nobel Prize.

(13) Extravagance as well as parsimony has to be avoided.

(14) Extravagance and parsimony have to be avoided.

(15) No news is good news.

(16) 'Gulliver's Travels' is an interesting book.

(17) Neither of the ladies lives with her husband.

(18) One or the other of these men is coming with you.

(19) He is one of the novelists who are destined to be great.

(20) The jury were divided in their opinions.

(21) The cow as well as the horse is very useful to man.

(22) One of the arguments he advanced, seems to be not convincing.

(23) The horse and trap is at the door.

(24) Tagore is one of the greatest of poets that have ever lived.

(25) Three tons of tin costs twelve thousand rupees.

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