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Letter Writing :

Letter writing is as old as time immemorial. It is a means of communication from one person to another. In olden days, when there were no transport facilities, letters moved very slowly. The situation is quite different now. Even now letters play an important role both in our private life and in business circle. It is also an important and skillful form of literature.

Letter waiting came to be perfected as an art. There are many writers of letters. Among them, Johnson, Goldsmith, Horace Walpde, Swift, Lamb and Byron are the best in English literature.

Note the following reaction of Tom Wintringham who read - Glimpses of world History - if in the future some Indian children are to learn English they will do well to insist that they are taught from these Glimpses rather than from Macaulay or from Gibbon. They will learn better history and better English. This book is the collection of letters to the daughter written by Nehru.

It doesn’t mean that all should become like above writers. But each individual must and should have the habit of writing letters. It is both educative and entertaining. It is the most popular means of commemoration in the personal computer and telecommunication age. A good letter creates such an intimacy. The reader feels that the writer is before him. So, cultivate the habit of writing letters. Who knows one day you may become another Nehru….both as a politician and as literary giant.

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