Letter Writing

Letter Writing :

Letter writing, though a dying art, is still quite popular. It is always a thrill to find a letter written by a loved one and to read about their thoughts and feelings. When the letter is well written, the delight is twofold! So let us see once again, how to write both a good informal letter and a good formal letter.

The letters that you have just read, show three types of formal letters — letter of complaint, letter of application and letter of request.

Now write the following letters on your own.

1. You had bought a music system from a store. It started malfunctioning within a week of the purchase. You had gone repeatedly to the store but your complaint was not attended to. Write a letter of complaint to the manager of the shop complaining about the piece and the behaviour of the staff at the store.

2. You read an advertisement asking for a babysitter. Write a letter of application to the person who has advertised telling him / her why you are suitable for the job and your reasons for applying for the job.

3. You want to take part in an All India Quiz Competition. Write a letter to your Principal giving details of the competition and your reasons for participation in it. Also give some details of your past experience in participating in such competitions.

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Letter Writing

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