Limited to

Limited to :

Limited : (adjective)

Limited to :

Meanings :

1. Not very great in amount of power

2. Not be able to increase (or) improve

3. Having limits or limitations

Example Sentences :

1. Seating in the hall is limited to 500.

2. There is a limit to my endurance.

3. The damage was limited to the first-floor only.

4. The spending is limited to USD $ 120 per day only.

5. The number of hours you are expected to work in a week is limited to 40.

6. Your power of recruiting employees is limited only to the clerks.

7. The trips are limited to 30 people per trip.

8. We are limited to move within this premise.

9. I am limited to work on this project only.

10. The subject of History is not limited to dates and figures.

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