List of Common Conjunctions

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List of Common Conjunctions :

Here is a list of common conjunctions.

1. after
2. although
3. and
4. as
5. as if
6. as long as
7. as soon as
8. as though
9. because
10. before
11. but
12. either...or
13. even if
14. even though
15. if
16. in case
17. neither...nor
18. of
19. provided that
20. since
21. so
22. so that
23. than
24. that
25. though
26. till
27. unless
28. until
29. when
30. whenever
31. where
32. while
33. yet

A few conjunctions (and, but & or) join words or groups of words, while others always join groups of words.

We use AND to connect two similar ideas.
He likes biscuits and tea.
We stayed at home and watched TV.

We use BUT to join two different or opposites ideas.
He is poor but honest.
I rang the doorbell, but nobody answered it.
This watch is cheap, but it works very well.

We use OR to talk about alternatives.
Would you like tea or coffee?
You can go on the motorbike or take a bus.

Notice the use of EITHER ...OR and NEITHER ...NOR.

I don’t like either tea or coffee.
I like neither tea nor coffee.

We also use OR to mean IF NOT.
Walk fast or you will miss the bus.
You must wear a sweater or you will catch a cold.

We use YET to mean IN SPITE OF THAT.
The teacher is cruel, yet the students like him.
We started late, yet we arrived on time.

We use SO to talk about result.
I was very tired, so I fell asleep on the bus.
This novel is very good, so I have read it three times.

We also use SO....THAT to talk about result.
1 was so tired that I fell asleep on the bus.
The novel is so interesting that I have read it three times.

The following conjunctions are used to talk about time relationships.

1. after
2. as
3. as soon as
4. before
5. till
6. until
7. when
8. whenever
9. while

I was having a bath when the phone rang.
I hurt my back while I was working in the garden.
The roof leaks whenever it rains.
Rajiv slipped as he was getting off the bus.
After he left college, he started working in a bank.
The train had left before we arrived at the station.
I will phone you as soon as I get home.
Let’s wait till the rain stops.
It’s a long time since we met.

We use WHERE and WHENEVER to talk about a position or place.

I have put it back where I found it.
I will come with you wherever you go.

We use SO THAT to talk about purpose. In spoken English, people often just say SO without THAT.

I will give you a map so that you can find the way.
We’ll leave early so that we won’t arrive late.

We can also use IN ORDER THAT. But it is not used except in a very formal style.

To talk about reason we use BECAUSE, AS & SINCE.

She didn’t go to the party because she was ill.
As I was feeling tired, I went to bed early.
Since I had a lot of work to do at home, I didn’t have time to come.

We use IN CASE to talk about doing something because something else might happen later.

Take an umbrella with you in case it rains.
Take an umbrella with you because perhaps it will rain.
I’ll write down the address in case I forget it.

IF is used to say that one thing will or might happen, depending on another thing happening. We can also use UNLESS (= except if / if.... not).

If you work hard you will get a first class.
We will be late if we don’t hurry.
We will be late unless we hurry.

AS, AS IF and AS THOUGH answer the question HOW?

I did as he told me.
She behaves as if / as though she owns the place.
He looked as if / as though he hadn’t slept very much.

When we want to contrast two statements, we use ALTHOUGH, THOUGH or EVEN THOUGH.


Although we started early, we only arrived just on time.
Though we started early, we only arrived just on time.
Although they are rich, they live very simply.
Though they are rich, they live very simply.
We enjoyed our holiday even though the weather was awful.

We use AS and THAN to talk about comparison or degree.

He is not so old as I thought.
He is younger than he looks.

As you must have seen, some conjunctions (AS & SINCE) can be used in more one sense.

List of Common Conjunctions

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List of Common Conjunctions
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