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Main Clauses :

A clause is a word group which contains a subject and a finite verb (a verb showing tense, person and number….he goes, she went) and forms part of a sentence.

Raman said that he was tired.

Clauses :

1. Raman said
2. that he was tired.

I was there when it happened.

Clauses :

1. I was there
2. when it happened

Clauses can be divided into two classes.

1. main clauses
2. subordinate clauses

Main clause can stand by itself as a complete sentence. A subordinate clause cannot stand by itself and depends on another clause.

In the sentences above, clauses numbered 1 are main clauses, while those numbered 2 are subordinate clauses.

There are three kinds of subordinate clauses.

1. noun clauses
2. adjective clauses
3. adverb clauses

Main Clauses

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