Metaphor :


An informal or implied Simile :

(a) Nouns :

1. Our eldest son is the star (brightest member) of the family.
2. He is the vulture (plunderer) of the province.
3. He is now in the sunset (decline) of his days.
4. His rash policy let loose the dogs of war.
5. Hold fast to the anchor of faith, hope, and charity.
6. The news you bring is a dagger to my heart.
7. We must be guided by the light of Nature.
8. The wish is father to the thought.
9. The camel is the ship of the desert.
10. A ray of hope
11. A shade of doubt
12. A flash of wit
13. An outburst of temper
14. The fire of passion
15. A gleam of delight
16. The light of knowledge
17. A flight of fancy
18. The gloom of despair
19. The wreck of his hopes
20. The spur of ambition
21. The torments of jealousy
22. The reins of office

(b) Adjectives :

1. A golden harvest
2. A golden opportunity
3. A golden sunset
4. Golden silence
5. A golden rainfall
6. Iron courage
7. Iron firmness
8. Brazen impudence
9. a stony heart
10. A rosy complexion
11. A lame excuse
12. Snowy locks
13. A fiery temper
14. Fiery speech
15. Burning passion
16. An argry sore
17. A piercing wind
18. A biting remark
19. A stormy discussion
20. A dead silence
21. A crystal stream
22. A transparent falsehood

(c) Verbs :

1. A new thought has suddenly struck me.
2. The town was stormed after a long siege.
3. He was fond of blowing his own trumpet (praising himself).
4. He swam bravely against the stream of popular criticism.

5. Canst thou not minister to mind diseased,
Pluck from the memory a rooted sorrow? (Shakespeare)

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