Mistakes in English

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Mistakes in English :

Wrong : Why you are so late?
Right : Why are you so late?

Wrong : When you will come to my house?
Right : When will you to my house?

In direct questions the subject comes after the auxiliary verb, except when the subject is WHO, WHAT, WHICH & WHOLE or a noun qualified by WHAT, WHICH & WHOSE.

Wrong : I asked her where was she going.
Right : I asked her where she was going.

In indirect questions the subject comes before the verb as in statements.

Wrong : He asked that who had taken his book.
Right : He asked who had taken his book.

In direct questions are not introduced by the conjunction THAT

Wrong : He’s your brother. Isn’t it?
Right :He’s your brother. Isn’t he?

Wrong : She looks ill. Isn’t it?
Right : She looks ill. Doesn’t she?

The subject of the statement, together with a suitable auxiliary verb, should repeat itself in the question tag.

Wrong : One should obey his parents.
Right : One should obey one’s parents.

ONE should be referred to by one, one's & oneself

Wrong : I and Ashok go to school together.
Right : Ashok and I go to school together.

Good manners require that one should mention oneself last.
Further examples of correct usage…

You and I…
You, he and I…

Wrong : Open the tenth page of this book.
Right : Open this book at page ten.

Wrong : He owes me two hundred fifty rupees.
Right : He owes me two hundred and fifty rupees

Wrong : She is fifteen years.
Right : She is fifteen years old.
Right : She is fifteen years of age.
Right : She is fifteen.

Wrong : He is running nineteen.
Right : He is in his nineteenth year.
Right : He is eighteen.

Wrong : This garden is too beautiful.
Right : This garden is very beautiful.

TOO should not be used in place of VERY.
TOO means….to a higher degree than is necessary or good.

Wrong : We should pray God.
Right : We should pray to God.
Right : We pray to God for something.

Wrong : I must reply his letter.
Right : I must reply to his letter.

We answer a letter…but reply to a letter.

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