Mistakes in Using Determiners

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Mistakes in Using Determiners :

Wrong : I have eaten two breads.
Right: I have eaten two loaves of bread.
Right: I have eaten two slices of bread.
Right: I have eaten two pieces of bread.

The nouns news, work (in a general sense), business, advice, paper, furniture, scenery, bread are uncountables and cannot therefore be used with a / an and in the plural, if you are thinking of one separate item, you may use a / an by introducing a word like “piece”.

Wrong : There are many deers in the zoo.
Right : There are many deer in the zoo.

Wrong : Two sheeps are lost.
Right : Two sheep are lost.

The nouns DEER and SHEEP don’t change in the plural.

Wrong : I have bought two dozens oranges.
Right : I have bought two dozen oranges.

Wrong : Kishore owes me four hundreds rupees.
Right : Kishore owes me four hundred rupees.

Dozen, score, hundred, thousand, million don’t take S when a numerals (two, three, five) comes before them.

Wrong : He doesn’t know the English alphabets.
Right : He doesn’t know the English alphabet.
Right : He doesn’t know the English letters.

The noun alphabet cannot have a plural form. Alphabet - the letters of a written language arranged in order.

Wrong : He is an union member.
Right : He is a union member.

A should be used before a consonant sound. Even though “union” begins with U, this sound is that of the consonant Y.

Wrong : Mississippi is the longest river in the world.
Right : The Mississippi is the longest river in the world.

Wrong : They crossed Atlantic Ocean.
Right : They crossed the Atlantic Ocean.

Wrong : Can you show Philippines in this map?
Right : Can you show the Philippines in this map?

Wrong : Alps separate France and Italy.
Right : The Alps separate France and Italy.

The should be used before names of rivers, seas, groups of islands and chain of mountains.

Wrong : They climbed the Everest.
Right: They climbed Everest.

Names of single mountains don’t take THE.

Wrong : She can play violin very well.
Right : She can play the violin very well.

Mistakes in Using Determiners

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