Mistakes in Using Nouns

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Mistakes in Using Nouns :

Wrong : The police has arrived.
Right: The police have arrived.

The noun police looks singular but is in fact plural. It therefore takes a plural verb.

Wrong : Where is my spectacles?
Right : Where are my spectacles?

Wrong : This scissor is mine.
Right : These scissors are mine.

Wrong : The pant is too loose for you.
Right : The pants are too loose for you.

The nouns spectacles, scissors, pants, trousers and pyjamas are treated as plurals. These nouns have no singular forms.

Wrong : Fifteen kilometres are a long way to walk.
Right : Fifteen kilometres is a long way to walk.

Wrong : Ten minutes are allowed to each speaker.
Right : Ten minutes is allowed to each speaker.

Wrong : Two hundred rupees seem a lot of money for the doll.
Right : Two hundred rupees seems a lot of money for the doll.

Plural nouns denoting measurement or amount take a singular verb.

Wrong : Are the news true?
Right : Is the news true?

Wrong : Measles are sometimes serious.
Right : Measles is sometimes serious.

Wrong : Mathematics were taught by Mr. Smith.
Right : Mathematics was taught by Mr. Smith.

The nouns news, measles and mumps and subject names ending in S (mathematics, physics, economics) are used with a singular verb.

Wrong : This is a good news.
Right : This is good news.

Wrong : I have a work to do.
Right : I have some work to do.

Wrong : I have an urgent business.
Right : I have some urgent business.

Wrong : He gave me valuable advices.
Right : He gave me valuable advice.

Wrong : I must write a note. Please give me a paper.
Right : I must write a note. Please give me a sheet.
Right : I must write a note. Please give me a piece of paper.

Wrong : He has sold all the furnitures.
Right : He has sold all the furniture.

Wrong : The sceneries here are very beautiful.
Right : The scenery here is very beautiful.

There are many such mistakes that we do while using nouns. So, use nouns carefully while writing sentences.

Mistakes in Using Nouns

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