Mistakes in Using Prepositions

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Mistakes in Using Prepositions :

In this section, explanations are only given where necessary. In most cases of prepositional usage there are no rules. It is largely a matter of convention.

Wrong : I have lived at this village all my life.
Right : I have lived in this village all my life.

Some grammars say that IN is used with the names of countries, cities and large towns and is used with the names of villages and small towns. This rule does not always hold good. The choice between IN and AT does not depend on size. IN is used when we think of the place as having length and breadth. AT is used when we think of the place as a position or point.

Wrong : He is suffering with typhoid.
Right : He is suffering from typhoid.

Wrong : She was angry upon me.
Right : She was angry with me.

Wrong : He started to Kolkata.
Right : He started for Kolkata.

We go to a place, but start for a place.

Wrong : The term begins from January 1st.
Right : The term begins on January 1st.

Wrong : I can’t agree for your proposal.
Wrong : I prefer tea than coffee.
Right : I prefer tea to coffee.

Wrong : Jack is senior than Fred.
Right : Jack is senior to Fred.

Mistakes in Using Prepositions

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