Mistakes in Using Verbs

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Mistakes in Using Verbs :

This section seeks to sum up the common difficulties in English as a foreign language and correct the most frequent mistakes made by Indian students. The mistakes, together with the correct forms followed by explanatory notes, are arranged.

Wrong : I am hearing some noise outside.
Right : I hear some noise outside.
Right : I can hear some noise outside.

Wrong : These grapes are tasting sour.
Right : These grapes taste sour.

Wrong : He is having a large family.
Right : He has a large family.

Wrong : The factory is belonging to my uncle.
Right : The factory belongs to my uncle.

Wrong : She is seeming worried about something.
Right : She seems worried about something.

Wrong : The child is wanting her mother.
Right : The child wants her mother.

The verbs hear, taste, have, possess, belong, seem & want are among the type of verbs which cannot be used in the continuous tense except in a few special cases. Other common verbs which do not normally take the continuous form include be, see, love, like, hate, think, suppose, remember, forget, believe, trust, know, understand, wish, owe. Contain & consist.

Wrong : I have finished my homework last night.
Right : I finished my homework last night.

The Present Perfect Tense should not be used with adverbs or adverb phrases denoting past time (like yesterday, last week, on Sunday, in 2008).

The Simple Past should be used.

Wrong : When have you lost your pen?
Right : When did you lose your pen.

The Simple Past should be used in questions beginning with WHEN.

The Present Perfect should not be used in questions beginning with WHEN.

Mistakes in Using Verbs

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