Mistakes while Using Prepositions

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Mistakes while Using Prepositions :

Correct the following sentences.

1. He started to Simla yesterday.
2. The tree is full with oranges.
3. I was born at a small village near Kolkata.
4. Mary has been ill since five days.
5. Rekha is good in music.
6. We must visit him on next Sunday.
7. He cut it by a knife.
8. They got away by a taxi.
9. I am senior than Vinod.
10. He stood besides the window.
11. We cycled till the museum.
12. Meet me between 3 p.m. to 4 p.m.
13. I was angry upon him.
14. He left in the morning of 20th.
15. Have you come by Mr. Gupta’s car?
16. We will have the meeting in this afternoon.
17. I will return the book after two days.
18. Are you going to get down the bus here?
19. She is suffering with malaria.
20. I heard it in the radio.
21. Edith is married with a doctor.
22. I met Mr. Sinha on last Monday.
23. We congratulated him for his performances.
24. She jumped in the water.
25. He was operated for stomach ulcer.
26. She prevented the child to follow us.
27. He is clever in chess.
28. I prefer tennis than cricket.
29. They are searching the missing boy.
30. The boy died from cholera.

Mistakes while Using Prepositions

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