Modern Olympic Games

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Modern Olympic Games :

It was October 1 - 2000 Sydney. The 27th Olympic Games came to an end. The stadium, where the closing ceremony was held, had one lakhs spectators. Billions of people all over the world watched the spectacular and colourful function. The cultural songs and dance of Australia thrilled the audience. Seven thousand artists took part in the song and dance programme. Colourful dress, various kinds and shades of light baled the people. It appeared that the capital of Indra (Amaravathi) might have come down to the earth. The chairman of the IOC said, “Of all the Olympics Games, this is the greatest show on earth, witnessed by me.” Fire work display was the most beautiful one. This is the characteristics of the modem Olympic Games.

The first historical mention of the Games occurred in 776 BC. It was purely a private function of the Greeks. The Games were banned due to corruption and animal sacrifice. Theodosius the Great banned the games in 393. In course of time due to invasion, earth quakes, flood etc., the entire land ruined along with the Olympic Games the people had forgotten the games. The people had forgotten the games for nearly 1500 years. The revival work of the games was undertaken by Baron Pierre de Coubertin (1863 - 1937). He was an Italian but settled in France.

At first he wanted to serve his country as an army officer. But he dropped the idea of the army career. He wanted to reform the French educational system. It was on November 25 - 1892. A conference was held at Sorbone to discuss the history of physical exercises. In that conference he pronounced these six words ‘The Restoration of the Olympic Games” for the first time. He said that the Games would ennoble and strengthen amateur sports. These Games would give them strength and lasting quality.

The International Congress for the study of Propagation of the Principles of Amateurism held in Paris in 1894. The delegates led by Baron Pierre de Coubertin and associates unanimously voted to restore the Olympic Games and create an International Olympic Committee to oversee them. Coubertin had planned to propose Paris for the site of the first modem Olympics in .900 but the enthusiasm and zeal of the delegates was so great that they insisted the first Games to be held in 1896. Athens was therefore, the venue for the 1896 Games. Since then these Games are held every four years.

Modern Olympic Games

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