Monkey is The Royal Advisor.

Monkey is The Royal Advisor. :

His name was Ijaz and he was an upcoming poet. His few poems were welcomed by many publishers. But at home, he could not concentrate. He selected an isolated place under a tree deep inside the forest where he could sit and write peacefully.

The passersby used a narrow lane at a distance. No one went that side. Pleased with this peaceful location, the poet sat and scribed a few lines when it happened!

Suddenly the ground below shook violently. Fearing that it was an earthquake, he got up at once. The next instant, there appeared a dreaded demon! “How dare you trespass my area? People leave me alone and I leave them alone. But you have barged into my territory!” it bawled.

“Please forgive me. I am a poet and I wanted a peaceful surrounding. Hence I have come here. But I will go away!” he pleaded. But the demon was not convinced. He never excused any one. That time, it cast a spell on Ijaz and turned him into a monkey!

Ijaz who was turned into a monkey felt sad. He wandered off like any other monkeys. He ate fruits, nuts and drank stream water. Two days later, he strayed far off and reached the seashore. There he saw a ship that was about to sail. He hopped on to it when the ship began to sail.

Some of the passengers shouted. They told the captain to toss the animals away. But the kind-hearted captain said, “Do not worry. I will take care of it. I will see that it does not harm any one of you!” he assured.

One week later, the ship reached Baghdad. At once, Ijaz, the monkey, jumped out and went away. Some people fed him in the streets and some chased him away. Since he became used to it, Ijaz, the monkey, did not bother about it. Just then he heard a drum beater announcing that the King of Bhagdad was looking for a royal advisor. Write a brief note addressing to the king. The most impressive note will be considered! It said.

The monkey stole a pen. Then he found a piece of paper in which he addressed to the king: "Your Majesty king, your search for advisor ends with me! Regards...” He then forwarded the message through the guard.

Everyone laughed, but an order was an order. The guard took the note to the king. He liked the way it was projected - short and sweet. On learning that the sender was a monkey, he told them to bring it royally. Likewise, the monkey was dressed in royal costume and was escorted like any other royal visitor!

The court witnessed a strange meeting! The king was kind and considerate! He spoke politely, but without deviating from his questions. The monkey answered all the questions very well.

The pleased king said, “Well, as per your note, my search for an advisor ends with you. I am happy about you. You can assume charges from next week!”

But this was protested by other courtiers! “How can you rope in a monkey and treat the animal on a par with humans? Others will tease on hearing it!” What they said was true and the king could not overrule their suggestion.

That evening, the king told everything to his daughter. His daughter had studied about evil things and knew to remove any kind of spells. She spoke to the monkey and learned about its background.

She then told her father that it was no ordinary monkey “The poet was under the influence of the spell by a demon. But I can remove the spell in no time!” she assured.

Accordingly, the next day in the court, she read some verses from the holy Quran and sprinkled some holy water on the monkey. Then through her open palm, she gently breathed into the ears of the monkey. Alas! The next moment, the spell was removed and there stood Ijaz - the poet!

The whole court was amazed at this! The king then had no problem. He appointed Ijaz as his royal advisor!

Monkey is The Royal Advisor.

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