Moods in English

Moods in English :

English has three moods or modes of speech.

1. Indicative Mood
2. Imperative Mood
3. Subjunctive Mood

The Indicative Mood is used to make a statement or an exclamation, or to ask a question.

I like strawberries.
Mary was accepted to Harvard!
Are you going to the movies?


  1. Mood in English Grammar
  2. Moods in English
  3. Kinds of Moods in English Grammar
  4. Three Finite Moods
  5. Indicative Mood
  6. Imperative Mood
  7. Imperative Mood and DO
  8. Imperative Mood and Supposition
  9. Subjunctive Mood
  10. The Uses of The Subjunctive Mood
  11. The Infinitive
  12. The Infinitive Mood
  13. The Forms of The Infinitive Mood
  14. Future Form of The Infinitive Mood

Moods in English

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