Moral Stories

Moral Stories :

We, the parents, have the habit of conveying the ethical messages to our children by the way of stories. Stories have to power of conveying the message to the children in an easy and understandable manner. The values of love, affection, respecting others, punctuality, education, character, discipline, rectitude, friendship, patriotism, professional values, truth in our relationships, good-health, earning one’s wealth, traditionalism and good manners are easily conveyed by the means of stories which will exhibit the characters which will have these qualities and earn the benefits of these good characters. At the same time, the children have to get rid of their bad characters which include aggressiveness, arrogance, carelessness, callousness, being cunning, being greedy, jealousy, being naughty, being pessimistic and ruthlessness. The stories will also tell the children the side effects of having such bad-characters which will intimately ruin the lives of the children. In stead of telling the children any matter directly, telling the same message through a story will have a deep and ever-lasting effect on the children. That is why stories in any form are preferred by the parents all over the world. There are millions of books are available in the market, including online, for this purpose. Here we have presented our collection of stories which have their uniqueness and specialty.

All you have to do is to share one of these stories with your children everyday. You can see for yourself the noticeable changes in the behaviour of your children. One single story with a very good message is equal to thousands of words of advices which the children will hardly pay attention to. The children who heed your stories will carry on the stories to their friends. This way, the stories will go round and round the children community in the distant future as well.

We are collecting and rewriting the stories with the help of our script-writers who do this work regularly. We will keep on adding more and more such stories of all genres. We will do our best to collect various stories from other countries as well in the future. Our friends who are all over the world have assured us to help us in this regard. We give you the assurance that in the future, this page will contain more than ten thousands stories of all genres and of all countries. All you have to do is to make use of this page and share the stories with your friends and relatives regularly.

Akbar and Birbal Stories

Vikramaditya Stories :

  1. A Robber for A Noble Cause
  2. An Unparalleled Sacrifice
  3. Arthi is an Orphan Girl.
  4. Lost but not found
  5. The Benevolent Brother
  6. The Crafty Sage
  7. The Cry and The Laughter of The Saint
  8. The Day Dreamer
  9. The Head and The Torso
  10. The King par Excellence
  11. The Loyal Advisors
  12. The Pleasure and The Sorrow of The King
  13. The Right Bride
  14. The Right Soul
  15. The Three Idiots
  16. The Three Kings
  17. Two Blind Boys and Their Father
  18. Who is wiser of the two?
Tales of Vikram and Betal :

  1. King Vikram meets Betal
  2. Head and Body
  3. The Bride and The Bandit
  4. The Dishonest Father
  5. The Faithful Servants
  6. The Four Talents
  7. The Generous King
  8. The Greater Sacrifice
  9. The Loss and Gain of The Hermit
  10. The Noble King
  11. The Noblest of All
  12. The Old Man and His Blind Sons
  13. The Penance of The King
  14. The Prince and His Friend
  15. The Princess and The Three Kings
  16. The Real Father
  17. The Right Groom for The Bride
  18. The Sensitive Queens
  19. The Three Fools
  20. The Truth about The Beauty
  21. The Wiser of The Two
  22. Whose Bride is She?
Stories from Arabian Nights :

  1. A Tale of A Mule
  2. Ali Baba and Forty Thieves
  3. Aladdin and The Magical Lamp
  4. An Ass and A Bull
  5. Azad and The Wily Girl
  6. Khuddadad and His Siblings
  7. King Yunan and The Sage
  8. Monkey is The Royal Advisor.
  9. The Accused Son of Wazir
  10. The Fisherman and The Jinn
  11. The King and His Falcon
  12. The Lost Ruby
  13. The Magical Horse
  14. The Ninth Statue
  15. The Noble Neighbour
  16. The Parrot and The Crafty Maid
  17. The Prince and The Ogress
  18. The Sailor Sindbad
  19. The Vengeful King
Fairy Tales :

  1. Cinderella
  2. Goldilocks and The Three Bears
  3. Hansel and Gretel
  4. Jack The Dullard
  5. Little Red Riding Hood
  6. Puss in Boots
  7. The Beauty and The Beast
  8. The Frog Prince
  9. The Sleeping Beauty
  10. The Snow White and The Seven Dwarfs
  11. The Tin Soldier
  12. The True Princess
  13. The Ugly Duckling
  14. Tom Thumb
Jataka Tales :

  1. Banyan
  2. Granny and Her Blackie
  3. How The Turtle saved His own life?
  4. Prince Wicked and The Grateful Animals
  5. The Crab and The Crane
  6. The Cunning Wolf
  7. The Elephant Girly-Face
  8. The Fairy and The Hare
  9. The Foolish and Timid Rabbit
  10. The Girl Monkey and The String of Pearls
  11. The Golden Goose
  12. The Guilty Dogs
  13. The Measure of Rice
  14. The Merchant of Seri
  15. The Monkey and The Crocodile
  16. The Monkey-Bridge
  17. The Otters and The Wolf
  18. The Ox Who Envied The Pig
  19. The Ox Who Won The Forfeit
  20. The Penny-Wise Monkey
  21. The Princess and The Water Sprite
  22. The Quarrel of The Quails
  23. The Red-Bud Tree
  24. The Sandy Road
  25. The Stolen Plow
  26. The Stupid Monkeys
  27. The Three Fishes
  28. The Tricky Wolf and The Rats
  29. The True Friend
  30. The Turtle who could not stop talking
  31. The White Elephant of The King
  32. The Wise Merchant and The Foolish Merchant
  33. The Woodpecker and The Lion
  34. The Woodpecker and The Turtle and The Deer
  35. Why the owl is not the king of birds?
Popular Classics :

  1. A Tale of Two Cities
  2. Aladdin and The Magic Lamp
  3. Ali Baba and The Forty Thieves
  4. Around The World in Eighty Days
  5. Black Beauty
  6. David Copperfield
  7. Dr Jekyll and Mr Hyde
  8. Frankenstein
  9. Great Expectations
  10. Kidnapped
  11. Pied Piper of Hamelin
  12. Oliver Twist
  13. Rip Van Winkle
  14. Robin Hood
  15. Robinson Crusoe
  16. Sindbad The Sailor
  17. The Jungle Book
  18. Tom Sawyer
  19. Travels of Gulliver
  20. Treasure Island
Stories from Panchatantra :

  1. Faithful Mongoose
  2. Four Friends
  3. The Clever Crab
  4. The Clever Frog
  5. The Crane and The Snake
  6. The Crow and The Necklace
  7. The donkey who would sing
  8. The Foolish Lion
  9. The Indigo Jackal
  10. The Jackal and The War Drum
  11. The Lazy Dreamer
  12. The Lion and The Hare
  13. The Lion and The Wood-Cutter
  14. The Merchant and The Foolish Framer
  15. The Merchant and The Money Lender
  16. The Owl and The Swan
  17. The Playful Monkey
  18. The Snake and The Foolish Frogs
  19. The Swans and The Turtle
  20. The Tree that spoke
  21. The Unfaithful Friend

Moral Stories

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