Most Loved Possession

Most Loved Possession :

Once, due to some mistake made by the Queen, King Akbar lost his temper. He scolded her and ordered. “I want you to leave the palace within twenty four hours. You take your most possession if you want.”

The Queen got very worried. She sent for Birbal ask for help. Birbal told her a plan and left her chamber. Then the Queen asked her maids to pack all her belongings as quickly as possible. When everything was ready she asked her maid to call King Akbar. When he arrived, the Queen said, “As per your order, I am leaving the palace now. Can you share a glass of sharbat with me ?”

King Akbar agreed. The Queen poured him a glass of sharbat. After drinking the sharbat, the King felt very sleepy. He lay down on a bed and was soon in deep sleep. The Queen asked the guards to fetch a palanquin. The King was placed in it. Soon the Queen left the palace with her belongings. The guards carried the palanquin with the sleeping King and followed her to her father’s house. Soon the Queen reached her father’s house. The King was placed on a bed. He was still sleeping. When the Queen’s father asked what had happened, she told him to wait and see. In an hour or so the King awoke. He looked around. He saw the Queen standing by the window. He was puzzled by where he was. He tried to raise a question regarding this. He called his Queen and asked her.

“What am I doing here ? How did I reach your father’s house?”

“Your Majesty, you had asked me to leave the palace with my most loved possession. How can anything be more beloved for me than you? So I brought you along.”

Hearing the Queen’s words, King Akbar smiled and said, “Oh, you are very clever dear to think of such a plan.”

“Oh no, Your Majesty,” the Queen explained. “It was Birbal who told me to act this way.”

“Oh, Birbal is behind all this. Well, let’s go back to the palace and thank him.”

The King and the Queen went back to the palace and Birbal was rewarded for his clever plan. Accordingly, Birbal was rewarded for his unique way of handling the problem and solving this kind of difficult situations.

Most Loved Possession

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