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My Hobby :

My hobby is gardening. I love to plant a seed and watch it grow and then see the plant yield flowers and fruits.

Gardening can be done anywhere, even in small houses and flats. In such small spaces, a person can use pots and grow small plants. These, in turn, add colour and fragrance to his or her home.

The most important aspect of gardening is that one must not be careless or impatient. Plants, especially when they are growing, need water and sunshine daily. They also need to be pruned so that their growth is healthy.

In my garden I have planted sunflowers, roses, carrots and cabbages. So apart from being a thing of beauty it also contributes valuable vegetables. This makes my mother very happy.

Gardening, however, is not just fun. It requires a lot of work and attention. I have to take care that insects do not eat or destroy my plants. It also involves a lot of digging and hands-on work. Some times this can be tiring, especially if the day is hot.

The rewards are great. I have learnt a lot about the different kinds of plants and their uses. There are a number of plants called herbs that are used for medicines and food. My dream is to have a large garden in which there will be many types of trees and plants. Until I grow this, I will look after my small garden with its pretty flowers and useful vegetables.

My Hobby

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