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My School :

The very first school of a child is the home. The mother is the teacher. The second would be the actual school. A school is a holy place of learning. It is the temple of Goddess Saraswathi. From the time immemorial, school has occupied an important place in the life of a man. It plays an important role in moulding of a man. All round development of a man will take place only in school. So a school is studio where sculptors carve beautiful idols using different types of stones. So also the teacher shapes the children into beautiful idols.

Today there are Government and Private schools. The private schools have big and beautiful buildings because they receive huge amount of money in the form of donations. This is not so in the case of Government schools. The conditions of our Government schools are pathetic. That too in rural areas it is horrible.

But the school where I study is really a good school. Of course it is a Government school. It has all the facilities like class rooms, laboratory, library, staff room for gents and lady teachers’ office room, sports room. By the side of the school there is a big play ground. Every day we assemble here to pray. I am really a lucky student to have such a well developed Government school. It is due to the sincere and honest efforts of the District Educational Officer.

My school has thirty classrooms and more than one thousand students. There are sufficient teachers to all the subjects. There is close and intimate relationship between the teacher and the student except one or two. Rest of them teaches us well. Teaching is quite interesting and humourous. We don’t feel boredom.

My school not merely teaches three R’s. Due importance is given to the extra curricular activities like debate, light music, drama, writing, painting. The physical education teacher trains the students in the following sports and games….Football, hockey, volleyball, running race, high and long jump etc. The students also have keen interest not only to learn things but also encourage the participants. The school has won many prizes both in literary and sports competitions.

One important and note-worthy thing of my school is this. The teachers do not quarrel in the school. It is a model school and I am proud of my school. They perform their duties sincerely and amicably. There is a team spirit in them. If the head is hale and healthy the body is also hale and healthy. So the success and progress of an institution depends upon the head of the institution. That is the secret of progress and success of the school.

My School

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