National Integration

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National Integration :

India is a vast country and its population has crossed hundred crores. The way of life, the customs and rituals, dress, food habits, languages, caste and creeds are quite different from one slate to another state. There is a lot of difference in climate, physical features, soil conditions, agricultural pattern and irrigation systems. So India is popularly known as a continent. During the period of freedom struggle, in spite of diversity, the whole country stood as one to drive out the Britishers. The sincere and sacrificing efforts of thousands of martyrs like Bhagath Singh. Chandrashekar Azad, Ghokale, Tilak, Gandhiji, Patel and Nehru helped India to gain freedom. So India was free at last. The joy and happiness of the people knew no bounds.

But as the years passed the condition of the country changed. The political leaders and the people changed all together. They became a selfish lot. Hundreds of political parties took their births. Everybody wanted power corruption became a way of life. A man of good character and honesty became a laughing stock. The noble qualities like truth, moral fear and hard and sincere work were considered as the words of the weak.

The noble idea of oneness has been shattered. Border dispute, sharing of water, reservation policy, choosing candidates according to caste and religion, interference in all the fields of activity by the politicians have played the major role in creating the problem of disintegration.

So our country once again needs the bold, courageous and honest leader to wipe out the disintegration. We often and often hear these two words namely National Integration everywhere. It is a psychological process. It is a well knit society in which all are loyal to their country. National integration is very important for the development of the country. People should be strictly warned and punished for creating troubles in the country. Caste and creeds, customs and rituals, food and dress are purely private affairs. Home is the suitable place, where they should operate. The political leaders should not interfere with caste and creeds, rituals and customs. They should not become political issues.

Unfortunately the religious leaders (Matadipathies) and the social organisations have become the puppets of the ruling parties. They have lost their past glory and credibility. They have no voice now. When such is the situation, how can we expect national integration? There is the National Integration council to establish unity and integrity of the country. It appeals the people to maintain peace and tranquility. Mere appeals and requests do not help the country. Severe punishment is the only way to safe-guard the integrity of the country. India is one - one national language, one nationality, one national anthem and one flag and one law that must become the rule of the country.

National Integration

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