Negative Sentence

Negative Sentence :

1. Leena wanted to invite us to her house. This is what she said…

2. Leena : Won’t you come into the house? Come into the house.

3. We went into the house.

4. What a cosy house it was!

Take a look once again at the sentences we have just read.

You will notice that each sentence is of a different kind. The first one asks a (interrogative sentence), the second one is a request (imperative sentence), the third is a statement (assertive sentence) and the fourth is an exclamation (exclamatory sentence).

There are four kinds of sentences.

Assertive or Declarative Sentence : a statement

An assertive sentence is a sentence states a fact. Such sentences are simple statements. They state, assert or declare something.

For example :

Mohit is a student. He lives in a big city.

An assertive sentence can be further divided into affirmative sentence and negative sentence.

An affirmative sentence makes a statement.

For example :

Hari is a tall boy.

A negative sentence is one in which there is a no, not or never.

For example :

Navin is not a tall boy.

A sentence that has a negative meaning but does not have a no, not or never in it cannot be called a negative sentence.

For example :

I am not happy.
This is a negative sentence because of the presence of the word not.

I am unhappy.
This is an affirmative sentence even though the meaning is the same as the sentence given above.

Negative Sentence

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