Neuter Gender Nouns

Neuter Gender Nouns :

Gender is a system of marking words such as nouns and pronouns as being Masculine, Feminine or Neuter and it is a grammatical label which is male or female.

This is a classification of nouns according to sex (actual or attributed) or animateness.

Note : In Latin, Genus or Generic means a kind or a sort.

There are four genders in English Language.

(i) Masculine Gender (words denoting males)

(ii) Feminine Gender (words, denoting females)

(iii) Common Gender (words denoting either male or female)

(iv) Neuter Gender (words denoting neither male nor female or without life)

Objects without life are also spoken of as if they were living beings.

They are said to be personified.

Objects noted for strength and violence are personified as masculine gender. Objects noted tor beauty, gentleness and gracefulness are personified as feminine gender.

(i) The kind of portrayal is familiar in poetry.

(ii) A ship is always spoken of as 'she.'

(iii) The sun throws his beams all over the world.

(iv) The moon has hidden her face behind the cloud.

(v) Peace has her own glory.

(vi) But war is more majestic in his stride.

(vii) The ship has lost all her boats in the stormy sea.

Examples of Neuter Gender Nouns :


Neuter Gender Nouns

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