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News-Paper :

Newspaper is both information and communication. It is the events of the day distilled into a few words and pictures, processed by the mechanics of communication. It satisfies the human curiosity of a world that is always eager to know what is new. The first and foremost work of a modem man is to open the door and pick up the newspaper. A cup of coffee in one hand and the paper in the other hand is the usual scene one can see in the early morning. If a person doesn’t get his paper in the morning, he will be upset. So the newspaper has become so important and it is a part and parcel of our life and it is the life breath of a nation.

Observe closely the word NEWS. The word is coined in a very wonderful and thought-provoking way.

The letter N stands for North.

The letter E stands for East.

The letter W stands for West.

The letter S stands for South.

That means the newspaper contains news and views of the entire world. It receives informations from all directions. Man is able to get first hand information of the world within a short time. It helps him in a great way to acquire recent news and views and be familiar with the happenings of the universe.

Apart from the news and views, the newspaper has been the source of knowledge, of entertainment and of fun. It provides separate sections for literature, scientific topics and humour. The today’s newspaper is quite different from the newspaper of bygone days. There will be several features like woman s youth’s, page, kind’s page and magazine and sports page. The edit page contains editorials and useful articles by experts.

The present day newspaper helps the youths by advertising the job opportunities. It is really a yeoman service to them.

The history of newspaper is really a fascinating one. But in this short essay it is impossible to write it completely. The earliest newspaper may have been the ancient Romen Acta Diurna (59 BC). A Chinese goldsmith by name Pisheng was the first person who invented the method of printing. He carved letters of the alphabet on small wooden pieces and spread the ink on the letters and pressed the paper on it. It was between 1041 and 1049 AD. Inventions of printing machine by Johann Gutenberg revolutionised the entire system of printing. This machine helped paper in a tremendous way. Due to this, world famous newspaper began to take birth.

The Morning Post of England started in 1772 and is considered as the oldest paper (London) Times (1785) is known as world famous paper. Britain is the only country in the world with so many papers, Pravda and Investia of Russia, People’s Daily of Peking, Asahi Shimbum of Japan, Australian and Sydney Morning Herald are very popular papers.

In India we have a number of newspapers both in regional languages and in English. The first English newspaper came out of the press in Calcutta (1863). It was called Indian Mirror. The Amruth Bazzar Patrika was started in 1866. The other popular papers are the Hindu, the Hindustan Times, Times of India, The New Indian Express and the Deccan Herald.

The news-paper has to play a significant role in upholding the human dignity, their rights and responsibilities and their happiness and well-being. And at the same time the newspaper has to bear the greatest responsibility of safeguarding the democratic principles. The motto of a news paper should be establishment of MANAVA DHARMA and it must act as the torch bearer.


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