Notices :

A notice is a written communication that gives information to the public. The public may be a specific group in a particular locality like a school or a society or it could be a wider group like the public in general or parents of new born babies or teenagers looking for admission to colleges and so on.

A notice should be written in a specific format. Given below are some of the important points that should be kept in mind when framing a notice.

Heading : The heading is the name of the issuing authority / organisation.

Date : The date on which the notice has been written comes on the left, just below the heading.

Subject : Below the date, at the centre of the page, comes the subject of the notice.

Body : The body of the notice should give all relevant details pertaining to the subject. This includes date, time, venue, any other information that may be considered necessary.

Conclusion : The notice ends with the signature / name of the person issuing the notice, followed by the designation of the signatory.

Language : The language should be crisp and formal. Use short sentences, one point in one sentence, to avoid any ambiguity. The passive voice should be used as far as possible.

Word Limit : Adhere to the prescribed word limit of 50 words.

Box : It is important to note that a notice should be written within a box.

Let us look at a sample notice.

The Shishu Vikas Orphanage is holding an exhibition-cum-sale of items made by the children of the orphanage. Write a notice informing the general public on behalf of the manager, B K Patnaik.

January 7 – 2013




The Shishu Ytkas Orphanage has organised an exhibition-cum-sale of items made by the children of the Orphanage.

Venue : Chepauk Sports Ground

Date : 15th to 25th January

Timings : 9:30 a.m. to 8:30 p.m.

Do visit and extend your support to the children. For further information, please contact the undersigned.

B K Patnaik


Draft notices for the following.

1. The Kathak Dance Academy has just been set up. The Academy is having its inaugural ceremony by a renowned Kathak dancer as the chief guest. Draft a notice to announce the inauguration. Highlight the special features of the Academy.

2. You are the head boy/girl of Young Learners’ Academy. Draft a notice for volunteers for the school fete, giving details about the nature of the work, the timings and the person to be contacted.

3. Your society will be holding its Annual General Meeting shortly. Write a notice to be put up on the notice board, giving details of when and where the meeting will be held and asking all the members to attend.

4. As President of the Friends of Animals group in your school, draft a notice for your school notice board, inviting volunteers to spread awareness of prevention of cruelty to animals.


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