Noun Clause in Complex Sentence

Noun Clause in Complex Sentence :

A noun clause does the work of a noun in a complex sentence.

1. That you should conduct yourself like that doesn't surprise me.

2. What the accused said is true.

3. "Search your heart and then answer my question," said the wife to her husband.

A Noun Clause does the work of an object in a complex sentence.

1. The farmers say that they will not pay taxes.
2. The Police Officer denied that he was involved in a murder.
3. No one knows what she is and where she is.

A Noun Clause also can function as an object of a Preposition.

1. He succeeded in what he attempted.
2. Pay careful attention to what the officer says.
3. I know nothing about him except that he lives next door.

A Noun Clause can also serve in apposition to a noun or pronoun.

1. Your declaration that you will be the Prime Minister in the coming August is rather hard to be believed.

2. Ram, the man who is destined to suffer, can manage any crisis.

A Noun Clause can also serve as the complement of a verb of incomplete predication.

1. My faith is that rational and scientific approach can solve any problem.

2. My worst fear is that the present Prime Minister has no confidence in himself.

3. Life is what we make it.

In the sentences given below, instead of the phrases afraid of, keen about and sure of, the words afraid, keen and sure introduce each a Noun clause. In these sentences, Noun clauses are used adverbially.

1. He was afraid that he would fail again.
2. I am keen that you should get the prize.
3. The doctor was sure that the patient would recover.
4. We are certain that they will come by tomorrow.
5. He is promised that his father would come here in any time.

Study the following sentences with reference to Noun clauses.

1. That I will succeed is certain.
2. Do you know when the train will leave?
3. I do not know what I am to do.
4. I do not like what you have done.
5. Whoever comes is welcome.
6. I am afraid that my father will be angry.

Noun Clause in Complex Sentence

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