Noun Clause

Noun Clause :

A Noun Clause is a group of words and it contains Subject and Predicate of its own and does the work of a noun.

1. I do not know what he will do.
2. How the robber got in is not known.
3. It is uncertain whether he will come.
4. Whether he will come is uncertain.

1. what he will do - Noun Clause object of "do know".

2. How the robber got in - subject of "is"

3. Whether he will come in - Noun Clause - represented by the pronoun 'it' - it is the subject of 'is'.

Subject + Verb + Noun Clause

1. He asked her what seat she would like.
2. Marian thinks Hema looks wonderful.
3. Mr. Balia has become what he always wanted to be the boss.
4. He has to respect his father who is his class-teach in his school.
5. We are going to Chennai which is the most populated in Tamil nadu.

Incomplete verb + Adjective + Noun Clause

1. I am glad my son had passed the examinations.
2. I am afraid I shall not be able to do it.
3. Mary feels unhappy she made so many mistakes.
4. He will take this box with his mother who is in Chennai.

Study the following sentences with reference to Noun clauses.

1. Mr. Collins knew that his sons were lazy.
2. They asked, "Where did you hide the treasure?"
3. It is a good thing that we have dug the soil.
4. I wonder whether he wants it now or later.
5. It does not matter who did it.
6. We are concerned with his welfare which is the most important one for us.

The IT Clause + The Noun Clause

1. It is doubtful whether it will be fine today.
2. It so happened that I knew the man very well.
3. It is often said that too many cooks spoil the broth.
4. It does not matter when you telephone me.
5. It does not matter whose you borrow.
6. It appeared that Mr. Robin wanted us to help him.
7. What was it that you didn't understand?
8. My wife seemed angry that it had ended like that.
9. Your wife is coming behind your father who is coming from his office.

Noun Clause

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