Noun-Clauses introduced by IT

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Noun-Clauses introduced by IT :

Noun-Clauses introduced by IT

1. It is likely that there will be rain tonight.

2. It is certain that he has deceived us.

3. It is strange that he should have behaved in such a way.

4. It is possible that he doesn't understand English.

5. It is doubtful whether he will agree to it.

6. It is incredible that anybody could be so stupid.

7. It was unfortunate that he died of hunger.

8. It was a good thing that you escaped the accident.

9. It is a pity that he must stop his English lessons.

10. It is good news that you have got a first class.

11. It is a mystery who can have taken my umbrella.

In the sentences above the noun clauses are preceded by IT IS and NOUN OR ADJECTIVE.

A noun clause may also be preceded by IT + APPEARS / SEEMS / HAPPENS.

It appears that Harry has failed in the examination.

It seems that no one knew about it.

It happened that I could not recognize him.

Noun-Clauses introduced by IT

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