Noun Phrases

Noun Phrases :

A Noun Phrase is a group of words that does the work of a noun.

1. I hope to win the Nobel Prize for Literature.
2. My son always enjoys reading books.
3. To become the Prime Minister of India is my ambition.

Study the following sentences with reference to Noun Phrases.

1. I wanted to speak to the Chief Minister.
2. The doctor has decided to pay back the money borrowed.
3. I prefer living in troubled circumstances.
4. The accused refused to answer the questions of the magistrate.
5. Promise to bring down this government.
6. Reading books even in a hot dusty train gives me pleasure.
7. I want to be a man again.
8. Maintaining a wife is not that easy.
9. My marrying a girl of another country didn't surprise my mother.
10. To write such obscene literature really attracts many people of both sexes.

Noun Phrases

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