Noun Phrases

Noun Phrases :


A Phrase is a combination of group of related words which contribute to the overall structure of the sentence and the meaning of the sentence.

They visited the temple in the Big City – Tirupati.

The group of words in bold is called a phrase. The group of words has no separate meaning whereas that group of words adds value to the overall sentence and gives meaning to the sentence. This is the nature of a phrase and the limitation of a phrase. Since, a phrase plays a various functions in a sentence; there are nine types of phrases widely used in sentences.

Noun Phrases

This phrase functions as a noun in a sentence. The other words in this phrase can modify the head-word. The other words may come after or before the head-word. The sentence which has this phrase can contain more than one phrase of this type.

1. He has bought a beautiful red costly car.

2. They have moved to the bosh area of New York.

3. She is fighting with the patrolling police-people.

4. It is available in the corner of the street.

5. The girl with blue eyes bought a beautiful scooter.

6. My parents with savings in their bank accounts have decided to buy a new house for themselves.

7. We have a teacher coming to our house exclusively to teach our son.

8. The age-old political party has lost its luster.

9. One of our friends has come to your traditional residence.

10. The school-going children of your age do not prefer to study into mid-night.

11. A man with a gun is not allowed in this campus.

12. The boy in the blue shirt is our student.

13. The House on the corner gets more rentals.

14. The man standing over there is my father.

15. The boy talking to Angela is my brother.

16. The man you met yesterday is a criminal.

17. The house that Jack built is already sold out.

18. The woman who discovered radium is a well-known scientist.

19. An eight-year-old boy who attempted to rob a sweet shop is caught by the police.

20. Keep you old-book with you for your children.

The sentence which has this phrase can contain more than one phrase of this type.

1. An eight-year old school-boy with a gun who tried to rob a sweet shop last month was caught by the police yesterday.

2. The blue-coloured car with a lot of tea-pockets was found near the high-way police-station.

3. That girl over there in a green dress who is drinking a coke was dismissed from our school.


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Noun Phrases :

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