Nouns :

Nouns can be divided into two main classes.


Concrete nouns are the names of persons or things that we can touch or see.

Example :

Ram, Chair, Iron, Book, Candle.

Abstract Noun :

An Abstract Noun is the name of…

1. a quality( rudeness, Cruelty)
2. a state (Childhood, Youth)
3. a feeling( sadness)
4. an action (kick, jump)
5. or a system of thought (logic, astronomy)

Concrete Noun :

Concrete nouns can be sub- divided into four groups. They are…

1. Proper Noun
2. Common Noun
3. Collective Noun and
4. Material Noun

Proper Noun :

The name of a particular person, place or a thing is called a Proper Noun. It begins with a Capital Letter.

Example : Japan, Delhi, Tagore, The Cauvery, The Himalayas

Common Noun :

The name that is common to all persons, places or things of the same kind is called a common noun.

Example :

Tree, Pen, Man, Village, Teacher

Some Proper nouns can be used as common nouns.

Valmiki is the Homer of India. ( the greatest epic poet).
Mumbai is the Manchester of the East (the greatest cloth manufacturing city).
Varun is the Shakespeare of age (The greatest dramist).
Ram is a Hercules (a very strong man).
Vimal is a Nero (a very cruel person).

Collective Noun :

The name of a group of persons or objects of the same kind, considered as a single whole, is called Collective Noun.

Example :

1. a bundle of sticks
2. a choir of singers
3. a bunch of keys
4. a caravan of travelers
5. a galaxy of stars

A collective noun is usually singular. But when the reference is to the individual member of the group and not to the group as a whole, the collective noun is used as a plural and is followed by a Plural Verb.

Example :

The jury was unable to decide.
The committee was divided in their opinion.
The government has announced certain concession.

Material Noun :

The name of a material out of which things are made is called a material noun.

Example :

Paper, glass, gold, wood, cotton

Some material nouns are also used as common nouns.

Example :

1. This is made of marble.(material noun)
2. The boy played with marbles. (Common noun)
3. The bottle is made of glass. (material noun)
4. I had a glass of milk. (Common noun)
5. Tin is imported from Malaya. (material noun)
6. We brought a tin of cheese. (Common noun)
7. I want a ream of paper. (material noun)
8. The news appeared in today’s paper. (Common noun)

Countable Noun :

The names of things that can be counted are Countable Nouns.

Example :

Houses, cars, mountains, mangoes, bags
They have plural forms and are used with such words as one, few, several, many.

Uncountable Noun :

The names of things that cannot be counted are Uncountable Nouns.

Example :

Music, milk, sugar, fire, rice

They have no plural forms and are used with such words as little, much, a great deal of, a small quantity of, etc.

Abstract nouns are mainly Uncountable nouns and concrete nouns are mainly Countable Noun.

Noun Gender :

Masculine Gender :

Tiger, Power, Violence, Father, Sub, summer, Time, Thunder, Men, Boys and Male animals, etc…

Feminine Gender :

Tigress, Women, Lioness, Mother, Peace, Nature, Earth, Goddess, Etc...

Common Gender :

Teacher, Servant, Student, Cousin, Infant, Thief, Neighbour, etc…

Neuter Gender :

Inanimate things, copy, book, room, paper, box, Neighbour, etc…

Ships, Cars and other vehicles when regarded with affection and countries referred to by name are considered feminine.

The Ship struck an iceberg, which tore a huge hole in her side.

Scotland lost many of her bravest men in two great rebellions.

The following nouns have one form only.

Cousin, Baby, Child, infant, parent, relation, spouse, teenager, artist, etc…

Find out the Feminine gender for Masculine.

1. Actor
2. Assistant
3. Author
4. Bee
5. Bitch
6. Bride
7. Colt
8. Conductor
9. Cook
10. Cow
11. Doe
12. Drake
13. Driver
14. Giantess
15. Goose
16. Heiress
17. Hen
18. Host
19. Lad
20. Maid
21. Manager
22. Mare
23. Mayor
24. Nephew
25. Poet
26. Ram
27. Shepherd
28. Sir
29. Teacher
30. Tutor
31. Waiter
32. Wizard


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