Nouns followed by Prepositions

Nouns followed by Prepositions : A

1. Abhorrence of ingratitude
2. Ability for or in some work
3. Abstinence from wine
4. Abundance of food
5. Access to a person or place
6. Accession to the throne
7. (In) accordance with rule
8. Accusation of theft
9. Acquaintance with a person
10. Acquaintance with a thing
11. But, make the acquaintance of a person.
12. Adherence to a plan or cause
13. Admission to a society of persons
14. Admission to a class of things
15. Admission into or to a place
16. Advance (progress) of learning
17. Advance (of a person) in knowledge
18. (To take) advantage of someone's mistake
19. (To gain) an advantage over someone
20. (To have) the advantage of anyone
21. Affection for a person
22. Allegiance to a person
23. Alliance with a person or state
24. Allusion to something
25. Ambition for distinction
26. Amends for some fault
27. Antidote to some poison
28. Antidote against infection
29. Anxiety for anyone's safety
30. Apology for some fault
31. Appetite for food
32. Application to books
33. Application for employment
34. Apprehension of danger
35. Approach to (step towards) anything
36. Aptitude for mathematics
37. Arrival at a place
38. Arrival in a country or large town
39. Arrival in London
40. Aspiration after or for fame
41. Assent to an opinion
42. Assurance of help
43. Atonement for sin
44. Attachment to a person or thing
45. Attack on a person or place
46. Attendance on a person
47. Attendance at a place
48. Attention to study
49. Attraction to a thing
50. Attraction towards a thing
51. Authority over a person
52. Authority on a subject
53. Authority for saying or doing
54. Aversion to a person or thing
55. Aversion from a person or thing

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Nouns followed by Prepositions :

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