Nouns followed by Prepositions

Nouns followed by Prepositions : E

1. Eagerness for distinction
2. Economy of time
3. Eminence in painting
4. Encroachment on one's rights
5. Endeavour after happiness
6. Endurance of pain
7. Engagement in a business
8. Engagement with a person
9. Engagement (to marry) to
10. Enmity for or with a person
11. Entrance into a place
12. Envy at another's success
13. Envy of another's success
14. Equality with a person
15. Escape from punishment
16. Esteem for a person
17. Estrangement from a person
18. Evasion of a rule
19. Exception to a rule
20. Exception of some person or thing
21. Excuse for a fault
22. Exemption from a penalty
23. Experience of a thing
24. Experience in doing something
25. Exposure to danger

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Nouns followed by Prepositions :

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