Nouns followed by Prepositions

Nouns followed by Prepositions : I

1. Identity with a person or thing
2. Immersion in water
3. Impediment to progress
4. Imputation of guilt
5. Imputation against someone
6. Incentive to industry
7. Inclination for study
8. Inclination to study
9. Independence of help
10. Indifference to heat or cold
11. Indulgence in wine
12. Indulgence to a person
13. Inference from facts
14. Infliction of punishment
15. Influence over a person
16. Influence with a person
17. Influence on anyone's actions
18. Inquiry into circumstances
19. Insight into a man's character
20. Instruction in music
21. Intercourse with a person
22. Interest in a subject
23. Interest with a person
24. Interference in a man's affairs
25. Interference with a man's affairs
26. Interview with a person
27. Intimacy with a person
28. Intrusion into a man's house
29. Invitation to a dinner
30. Irruption into a country
31. Irruption by invaders

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Nouns followed by Prepositions :

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