Nouns followed by Prepositions

Nouns followed by Prepositions : R

1. Ratio of one to five
2. Readiness at figures
3. Readiness in answering
4. Readiness for a journey
5. Reason for a thing
6. Reason against a thing
7. Recompense for labour
8. Reference to a person or thing
9. Reflections on a man's honesty
10. Regard for a man's feelings
11. (In) regard to that matter
12. (With) regard to that matter
13. Regret for something done
14. Relapse into idleness
15. Relation of one thing to another
16. Relation between two things
17. Relations with a person
18. Reliance on a man's word
19. Relish for food
20. Remedy for snakebite
21. Remedy against snakebite
22. Remonstrance with a person
23. Remonstrance against his conduct
24. Remorse for a crime
25. Repentance for sin
26. Reply to a letter
27. Reputation for honesty
28. Request for a thing
29. Resemblance to a person or thing
30. Resignation to fate
31. Resistance to injustice
32. Resolution into elements
33. Resolution on a matter
34. Respect for a man
35. Respect for his office
36. (In) respect of some quality
37. (With) respect to a matter
38. Responsibility to the law
39. Responsibility for action
40. Result of a proceeding
41. Reverence for age
42. Revolt against authority
43. Rival in anything
44. Rival for a position
45. Rivalry with a person

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