Nouns followed by Prepositions

Nouns followed by Prepositions : S

1. Satire on a person
2. Satire on a book
3. Satire upon a person
4. Satire upon a book
5. Satisfaction for some loss
6. Search for wealth
7. Search after wealth
8. Search of wealth
9. Shame at his fault
10. Shame for his fault
11. Share of a thing
12. Share with a person
13. Sin against God
14. Slave to avarice
15. Slave of avarice
16. Slur on his character
17. Sneer at good men
18. Sorrow for his misfortunes
19. Specific for fever
20. Specific against fever
21. Speculation in bank shares
22. Stain on one's character
23. Subjection to the laws
24. Submission to authority
25. Subscription to a fund
26. Subsistence on rice
27. Succession to an estate
28. Supplement to a book
29. Surety for a person
30. Suspicion of his intentions
31. Sympathy with the poor
32. Sympathy for the poor
33. Sympathy with a cause
34. Sympathy with a person's views

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Nouns followed by Prepositions :

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