Obedient Birbal

Obedient Birbal :

Birbal was a loyal and obedient minister in the court of King Akbar. One day King Akbar’s most loved Queen asked for him. As King Akbar was in the royal court, a servant brought the message there. The King thought of completing the work and going. A few minutes later, another message came asking the King to meet the Queen urgently. As the King loved his Queen very much, he got up to leave the court. Seeing his eagerness to leave could not suppress his smile. King Akbar saw Birbal smiling and got angry.

“How dare you make fun of me? You’ll be punished for your insulting behaviour. I order you never to keep your foot on this ground ever. Just go away from here.”

Birbal left the royal court. For many weeks he did not come to the court. Many courtiers who admired him were missing him. Others, who were jealous of him, were happy at his absence. King Akbar was also worried. He was finding it difficult to solve many cases without Birbal’s intelligent advice.

One evening King Akbar was looking out of the palace window. Suddenly he spotted Birbal going in a small chariot. He sent his guards to call Birbal. When Birbal presented himself before him, King Akbar asked, “Why are you not obeying my orders?”

“I was merely obeying your order, Your Majesty. You had asked me not to step on this ground as this ground is of your kingdom and the soil on it is yours, too. I had no choice. I went to the next kingdom and brought some soil from that kingdom. In this chariot I have spread that kingdom’s soil, where I rest my feet. Now I am not stepping on your ground. Now I will spend my whole life on this small chariot.”

Birbal’s witty reply got King Akbar’s heart and he forgave Birbal.

Obedient Birbal

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