Oliver Twist

Oliver Twist :

Oliver Twist’s mother died the day he was born. He was sent to an orphanage were he lived for nine years. After the age of nine, Oliver was sent to work for an undertaker. There he was not treated well. He was not given proper food and beaten up regularly.

So, one day Oliver Twist decided to run away to London and start a new life there. He left for London without any money. He had many difficult days on his way to London and went without any food for many days.

Many days later, Oliver was on the verge of collapse when he met the Artful Dodger. Dodger took Oliver to the place where he stayed.

In the Dodger’s house, Oliver was introduced to Fagin. Oliver came to know that Fagin and the Dodger were pickpockets and wanted to use Oliver for their missions. Oliver refused but unfortunately got caught by the police for the crimes committed by Fagin and the Dodger.

Oliver Twist claimed he was innocent. Mr. Brownlow, whose purse had been stolen and who had lodged the complaint, believed Oliver. Something about Oliver made him feel sorry for Oliver. Mr. Brownlow took him home. Oliver stayed with Mr. Brownlow for many months. He was treated like a member of the house. Oliver was very happy these days.

But Fagin and Dodger were on the look out for Oliver. They believed that the boy had let them down. They came to know that Oliver was staying in Mr. Brownlow’s house. Oliver was kidnapped and kept in an old house.

Many months passed. Oliver was never allowed to go out. One day, Fagin, the Dodger and another member of Fagin’s gang planned a robbery. They wanted the assistance of Oliver. Oliver was dragged along. He was forced to enter a house through a small opening in the window. Once inside the house Oliver Twist felt giddy and knocked something down. The butler of the house saw Oliver and fired at him with a pistol, hitting Oliver in the leg. Oliver was injured. The butler saw that the thief, Oliver, was just a boy. He decided to call the doctor before he called the police.

When the doctor came, Oliver was bleeding and unconscious. The doctor bandaged Oliver and brought him back to consciousness.

Oliver Twist told the doctor and Mrs. Maylie, the owner of the house, everything that had happened to him ever since he had come to London. Mrs. Maylie an old lady said, “I will take care of Oliver.” He stayed at Mrs. Maylie’s house until he recovered.

In the meantime Fagin and the gang were approached by a man who called himself Monk. Monk wanted Oliver Twist found framed for robbery and arrested. Monk was the half-brother to Oliver. Their mother, Agnes, had left all her property to Oliver Twist.

Oliver was not aware of his good fortune, coming into unexpected money. At the same time neither was he aware of the danger that Fagin and the Dodger were after him.

Meanwhile, Mr. Brownlow who had known Monk’s father came to know of his plan. He decided to help Oliver. He had the police arrest Fagin, the Dodger and Monk. The truth was forced out of them. The three of them were imprisoned.

Oliver Twist was adopted by Mr. Brownlow. He lived with him for the rest of his life happily.

Oliver Twist

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