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Avoid - (verb) : to keep away or keep out of the way - especially on purpose
1. He tried to avoid answering my questions.

Escape - (verb) :
1. to get away from an enclosed space
2. to get away from a situation which prevents freedom of action
3. to find a way out
4. to get free
5. He narrowly escaped being drowned.

Resist - (verb) - to oppose : fight against (something)
1. I can't resist telling him the secret.

Detest - (verb) - to hate very much
1. She detests having to talk to people at parties.

Prevent - (verb) : to stop something happening or stop someone doing something
1. We must try to prevent its happening.

Mind - (verb) - to be careful (of) - pay close attention (to)
1. Do you mind me smoking?
2. Do you mind my smoking?
3. Would you mind passing me the cup?

Consider - (verb) : to think about, especially, in order to make a decision - examine.
1. Mr. Minus wouldn't consider changing his programme.

Suggest - (verb) : to mention as a possibility
1. I suggest leaving now.

Practise - (verb) : to do an action or perform regular or repeatedly to gain skill
1. You need to practise parking the car in a small space.

Risk - (verb) : to put in danger or take the chance of losing
1. By criticising the boss, he risked losing his job.

Verbal noun (gerund) is always used after the verbs.

1. admit
2. avoid
3. can't help
4. consider
5. delay
6. deny
7. detest
8. dislike
9. enjoy
10. escape
11. excuse
12. finish
13. forgive
14. mention
15. pardon
16. practise
17. prevent mind
18. resist
19. risk
20. stop
21. suggest

Gerund is used after…
It is no use….
It is worth…
after all phrasal verbs.
and after all prepositions.

Study the following.

Subject ….verb….the gerund (object)

1. It….is not worth….giving you any help.
2. It….is no use….making you a king.
3. It….is no good….getting a degree.
4. You…. had better shut the door without….making it bang.
5. George….had to enter the house by….climbing through the window.
6. Please….turn out the lights before….leaving.
7. Mr. Kennedy….is thinking of ….selling his house.
8. I….was annoyed at…. being too late.
9. You….must keep on….trying till you succeed.
10. Do….you mind my….sitting next to you?
11. Everyone….dislikes….losing cash.
12. I….detest….going to cocktail parties.

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